Personal recommendations from our employees

The landscape in Zermatt makes it a true paradise for trail riders. Below you will find the most important and best-known trails in the region with their degree of difficulty. In addition, these can also be seen in the interactive map of the region:

Easy tours and trails: 

Zermatt - Stafelalp - Zmutt - Zermatt 
Zermatt - Sunnegga - Zermatt
Medium-difficulty trails:

Zermatt - Stafelalp - Schwarzsee - Furi - Zermatt
Sunnegga - Grünsee - Riffelalp - Furi - Stafelalp - Zermatt
Challenging trails: 

Sunnegga - Grünsee - Riffelberg - Gornergrat - Riffelalp - Furi - Zermatt
Zermatt - Sunnegga - Blauherd - Rothorn - Fluhalp - Findeln - Zermatt
All of these tours offer impressive views and a unique experience in the mountains that is second to none.

The easy tours are not too difficult routes and take about 2 hours. We recommend these trips especially for beginners or also day tourists who want to explore the region on their bikes. 

The medium-difficulty trails already require trail skills and previous experience in this profession. These are technical trails that require a certain basic endurance on the bike. With an average riding time of 4 hours in steep terrain, you can really work off your energy against a fantastic backdrop.

The more challenging and difficult trails are only suitable for real experts and athletically trained people. A real thrill awaits you here. To master these trails, you need not only very good biking skills, but also mountain knowledge and experience. For the greatest possible safety, a guide or partner is suggested here in addition to extensive protective equipment. For experienced trail riders, these routes are a truly unique experience.


For refreshment after a strenuous ride

At each of the listed bike and trail routes there are fantastic restaurants where you can fortify yourself and gather new strength. So you can get back on the pedals with recharged reserves. 

On the Staffelalp you will find the Staffelalp Restaurant with an exceptional view of the Matterhorn. In addition to the magnificent view, the local dishes are also highly recommended.
The Fluhalp Restaurant above the Blauherd also offers delicious food against a fantastic backdrop. The restaurant also offers a special attraction: Stellisee lies in front of the hut. The Matterhorn appears in a unique photographic perspective in the reflection of the water.
Findeln, a little below Sunnegga, is also a great stop for hungry bikers who appreciate the rustic hut feeling in the mountains. Various exquisite restaurants with inviting sun terraces and tasty special dishes line up here.